Indochinese · Roll · VEG

Fried Spring Roll

IMG-20160317-WA0002For wrappers:-

1cup flour

2tbsps corn flour

1&½tbsps oil

2tsps salt

2tsps black cumin seeds

Pinch of baking soda

1tsp sugar Water as required

Method of wrappers:-    Kneed all ingredients to a comparatively less soft dough.

Make 15 equal balls with the dough.

Roll them with rolling pin to extra fine circle. . . Filling:- 3medium tomato minced(deseeded) 4 onion minced 3-4green chilli minced ¼th of a green bell pepper minced 1tsp garlic minced 2tsps ginger minced 3 medium potatoes boiled and quarterly mashed ½cup green peas ¼cup carrot grated ¼cup spring onion grated(white part) 3tsps coarse powder Salt as required ½tsp soy sauce Oil as needed

Method:- Heat oil add garlic and ginger stir until raw smell gone. . Add onions stir until colour changes. . Add green chillies and bell peppers stir until it becomes glossy. . Add carrot and spring onion site well. . Add tomatoes and stir until the water comes out and let the water dry. . Add all spices, sauce and salt stir well until oil gets separated. . Add peas and cook on low flame. . Add potatoes and a little water and cook well. . Turn off the heat and let it be cool.

Final preparation:- In each wrapper pour 1tbsp of filling close the wrapper well take care so that it doesn’t get a mess. . Proceed with all wrappers. . Heat oil and fry the rolls in batch serve hot with chilli-garlic dip.12167336_1010948338970858_612696468_n

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