Coconut Burfi Recipe

4 cups of coconut,
4 cups of sugar syrup,
2 Tbsp khoya,
1 Tbsp almonds,
1 Tbsp pistachio,
1 tsp ghee.


For the sugar syrup:-
Add sugar and water in the same proportions in a pan.
Start heating the mixture and keep stirring continuously else the suagr will stick to the bottom and caramelize.
When all the sugar dissolves and it becomes nice and thick, put off the fire.

For the coconut barfi:-
In a thick bottomed kadai mix the coconut and the sugar syrup.
Roast it until it thickens up and forms a halwa like consistency.
Add the pistachio and almonds.
Brush on the ghee in a tray and spread the coconut batter on it. Smoothen out the edges of the batter and cut into barfi shapes when it cools down and serve.1466083_742204412511424_7030807646672970932_n.jpg

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