Chaat · Street Food

Dahi Puri Recipe

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Mini puri – 12

Potato – 1, boiled & cubed

Green peas or whole green gram – 3/4 cup

Sev – 3/4 cup

Green chutney – as needed

Red chutney – as needed

Dahi/ plain yogurt/ curd – 1 cup (beat smoothly with a tblsp of sugar)

Chaat masala, red chilli powder – For sprinkling on top

Coriander leaves – for garnish.



Break the puris in the middle to make a hole.

Stuff loosely the boiled potato cubes and green peas.

Add a dash of sweet and green chutneys over it. Above this, add the thick beaten sweet curd.

Pour the remaining curd over the puri and again sprinkle green and red chutneys over the puris.

Sprinkle sev all over and red chilli, chaat masala powder and coriander leaves too.


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